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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How to Import Yahoo! Contacts to Google Plus

Are you having difficulty importing Yahoo Contacts to Google Plus.
Lots of people getting error message importing yahoo Contacts.
Hope Most of you having Google Plus account with Gmail ID..

Here is a way to get out of this mess

1st Part
Exporting Contacts from Yahoo Mail
Login to your Yahoo Mail
Go to Contacts
Check on view all contacts
Go to Tools -> Export
Export it in csv format
Click on Export Now Tab labelled Yahoo! CSV
Save it to your hard disk

2nd Part
Importing CSV File to Gmail Account
Login to your Gmail (Account having Google Plus)
Go to Contacts
Click on More Action TAB--> Import
Choose the CSV file (just downloaded) from your hard disk
CHECK Also add these imported contacts to: My Contacts (or any group you desire)
Click on Import

All the contacts will be imported to your GMail Account

3rd Part
Adding Contacts to Google Plus
Go to Google Plus Circles (Must be aware of that by now)
Click on Find and Invite
(If want to invite all Click on More Actions-> Invite all)
Drag Contacts to the circle you desire
Click on the green TAB on Lower Left Corner Captioned Invite N peoples to Google+
Click on the Blue Tab Invite
Click on Finished

All Done

If any query please comment. Have A Happy Google Plus Journey....



  1. Doesn't work - yahoo export excludes all fb accounts.

    1. I got the same message, which is annoying since importing my Facebook friends is what I wanted to do.
      Is there any way of importing my Facebook friends to my Google plus account?

  2. You'll need to read and click each of the checkboxes to say you've read and agree to the warnings. When you use Multiple Sign-in, your Offline Mail and Offline Calendar are disabled, and any unsent mail may be more

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  4. You have to go into Google contacts, not yahoo or google plus, and click import yahoo contacts. Click all and it will grab all your contacts.